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Thursday September 3 was the first and hopefully last edition of the INTRO FESTIVAL @Home. Corona put an end to the "real" festivals in Den Bosch (September 3) and Breda (September 10), so an online festival became the alternative solution.

Between 8 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. each person that tuned in had the choice between 5 different streams, each with its own line-up and presentations from companies and partners. This edition there was a striking amount of enthusiasm from the study, student and sports associations. They could now play DJ sets, quizzes, playful actions or challenges on the Hang Out stream. Sure, the online engagement in the chat was different than on the festival site in front of the Main Stage, but students still managed to find each other.

The VR glasses made it possible to view your student city in a 360° perspective. DJ sets have been recorded on the boat in both Breda and Den Bosch.

You can watch the Stream Den Bosch, Stream Breda, Stream Hang Out, Stream Studance and the VR-channel Den Bosch and Breda  back.

How many viewers did the online festival attract?

With all the figures from the various Vimeo streams and Google analytics, we assume that about 10,000 viewers have logged in during the festival. We know from the survey that each unique viewer viewed the festival with an average of 1.6 other people.

And what did they think?

Immediately after INTRO FESTIVAL @Home, a survey was conducted among registered students. The score they gave the online festival was 6.5. Among the respondents the overall reaction was that an online festival can never do the same as the real festival.

A selection from the response:

"I think it's great that you have put so much effort into turning it into an intro festival. That's why I had a look with my friends. But such a live broadcast doesn't quite do it for me. " Student Avans

"Nice that you had different channels so you had the opportunity to switch." Student HAS

 "The chat was fun and I would like more variety." Student Fontys

 "It wasn't that fun to watch on your own." Student BUas

 "To be honest, I didn't really like it much, but I don't think I could have done it better myself." Student HAS

 "The best thing about the program was the quiz they organized at the Hang Out." Student KW1C

 "Next year just have a real intro instead of via the laptop". Student Avans

 "No areas for improvement for you, it was up to me. I should have watched with more people :) ”. Student Avans

Made possible by

The festival organization is in the hands of Avans Hogeschool and is supported by BUas, HAS, Fontys, Koning Willem I College, JADS, Helicon, Municipality of Den Bosch and Municipality of Breda.


See you next year:

Sept 2 Den Bosch & Sept 9 Breda!


... LIVE hopefully .......